Dog clothes: Safe & sound dog clothing tips

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You need to know the basics of dog clothing before you shove a sweater on your dog. Dog clothing isn’t always beneficial, irrespective of your good intentions. Clothing for dogs shouldn’t just be about the aesthetics. It should be about safety and practicality too.

Choosing the best dog clothes…

Your dog’s comfort is of paramount importance. Some cloth types can curb the natural movements. It may stop your dog from carrying out daily tasks. Evaluate your dog’s physique before choosing the best clothes. Factor in the coat type and amount of fur it has got. Avoid buttons, zippers and frayed fabrics which can be ingested by the canine. Pay attention to the store or the seller. Check out for reviews if you are making a purchase online. Always talk with your vet or someone who knows about the dog. Talk with your friends at the local club. Dog raincoats can be particularly tricky to buy. We recommend going to this website to find the best raincoats for your dog.

Get your measurements right…

Choose clothes of adequate size. In order to do that, you need to take measurements correctly. There are three primarily measurements which will be required. You need to measure around the neck to get the collar length. You are required to measure the back. Measure the distance from the neck to beginning of the tail. The third and final measurement is chest. You need to measure it right behind the forelegs. It is where the chest size is highest. Some sellers ask for leg size too. You need to start from right where the leg meets the body and measure it till the imaginary ankle.

Why you shouldn’t use cheap clothes?

Prefer high quality material for dog clothing. When it comes to dog clothing, cheap is expensive. If you are not investing in good quality fabric, your pet could develop allergic reactions. You would end up paying heavy bills from the local vet. It’s much of an unnecessary hassle really. Type of detergent used in washing can cause allergies too. Always wash with neutral soap that avoids usage of chemicals. Do not put the clothes on a dog when the dog isn’t completely dry. When wet and clothed they can become wholesome carriers of bacteria and fungi. It causes irritation and allergic reaction on the dog.

Look out for allergies…

Look out for the symptoms of allergies caused by clothing. Allergies should be treated as early as possible. If the cloth is giving your dog allergies, stop using that. Common symptoms include itching, scabs and reddened skin. You can see open wounds caused by intense itching. Swelling of the skin or alopecia is common. There will be visible discomfort and scratching. Consult with your veterinarian immediately. If your dog is not the breed for clothes you can give them other accessories. The ‘cool’ and funky look is pretty easy to achieve.

Educate yourself on the dos and don’ts of dog clothing. Consult with your vet before dressing your dog. Avoid clothing your dogs at all costs, if you live in hot and humid regions. Dogs with dense coat are better off without clothing.