Dog Clothing Basics

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Does your dog like it?

The most important question regarding dog clothing is whether your dog likes it or not. Not all dogs take liking to clothes. Similarly, not all of them dislike it too. It depends hugely on their coat type, biology and the region. It would be a blunder to cloth a Siberian husky in Texas, let alone keep it without air conditioner. On the other hand, plenty of breeds in the right conditions like to wear clothes. Smaller breeds are more inclined to the idea of wearing a collar, vest or sweater. Like babies, these pets appreciate the attention they get cause of the clothes. Clothing has been more reserved for the smaller breeds. Thanks largely to fur friendly fabrics, even the bigger breeds like it these days.

How to take measurements

Measurements vary from company to company. The brands have different dog clothing guides. The guides are basic set of measurements you take for your dog. Nevertheless, you are always going to measure the collar, length of the back and chest size. Run the tape around your dog’s neck to get the collar size. While measuring length of the back, begin with base of the neck and run all the way till beginning of the tail. Chest size should be taken right underneath the front legs. Every company had different measurement guide to call your dog’s size, small, medium or large. Your Pomeranian can be small in one line of clothing and medium in another brand. Don’t get into the mindset of defining your dog in one standard size.

Right way to wear

If you are getting your dog to wear a t-shirt you have to put it over the neck first. You can orient it immediately. Then get one paw from the sleeve and follow it up with other paw. When it comes to vests or life jackets, it’s a lot easier. You just need to put it over the back, tuck it under and fasten it under the chest. You need to fasten it under the belly and around their neck too. You always need to start with either the head or the back. There will be holes, stitches or buckles to help you with the process. Ensure that your dog tries to enter the cloth on its own.

Check for safety

Your dog should feel not too constructive and so should it be. Pull the cloth a little bit and make sure your fingers freely go in. Ensure it’s a fine fit before taking your canine for a walk. You need the clothes to be long enough, especially when it comes to life jackets. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t go longer than the beginning of its tail. Dogs need to feel comfortable doing day to day duties with clothes on. You don’t want to leave the clothes on for too long. You don’t want a hat or props in a costume that obstructs the peripheral vision. The bottom-line is our pet should be able to relax and enjoy wearing it.