Dog Clothing: Train your dogs on how to wear sweaters.

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It’s tough initially…

Making your dog wear a sweater is no easy joke. Like bathing, they are initially reluctant to clothing. Once you make them do it more than a few times, dogs ease in into that. Putting a sweater on a bigger dog is actually tough. Smaller breeds make life easy at least when it comes to clothing. Additionally, sweater is the toughest of all. It needs to go through the neck and get its two feet into it.

Break down the ice

More often than not, pet owners take the sweater and stuff it over their dogs. This can be such a blunder in training. Your dog doesn’t know what’s going on. They are not naturally accustomed to clothing. They just feel intimated when you put it by force. You need to make sure your dog enjoys wearing it. It should feel comfortable going for a walk with sweaters on. Make it totally fun for your dog.

Time saving practice

Once you get your dog to ease in on wearing clothes, it saves time. You don’t have to chase your dogs with sweater in your hand. Otherwise, it takes way more time and causes a whole lot of mess. You should introduce them to putting the head through the hole and put the sweater on voluntarily. Once they start doing that, you effectively save least a few minutes of extra work every day.

Use treats

Before you start on the training, get some treats. Treats helps in all forms of training, including training dogs to wear clothes. Have the treats in one hand and sweater in another. Now show the treat by putting your hand from inside the neck of the sweater. Lead your hands outside from the sweater and feed treats to your dog.

Relaxation time

When your dog is engaging in the activity, pull back your hands and slowly move the sweater towards it. Let your dog walk through the sweater’s neck and get the treat. Orient your sweater by adjusting it to the back. Give some time for your pet to get adjusted. Stop with the treats momentarily. Now let’s get into getting the legs in.

Bigger breed means work

When it’s a small breed, you don’t have much of a problem. The bigger breeds like Rottweiler are not so easy. You need to factor in the size and aggression. Engage your dog in treats again. When you are using your right hand for feeding, get the left leg up. Put it through the sweater. Feed with the left hand and get the right leg up. The idea is to switch the weight by moving the head towards a particular foot.

Train them right

Spend time with your dog and translate what’s expected. Forcing them to do things never works well. It affects the trainability too. You need to build a better bond with your dog. It helps improving the trust your dog has on you. It takes your word, when something new pops up in future.