Dog Clothing: When should you dress your dog?

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Use of dog clothes is debatable. Do they essentially need it in the cold? Can you dress them on regular basis? Is it not harmful to their health and wellness? When you think about dog clothing, you are most likely to care about their welfare too. Not many people would only be concerned about the aesthetic benefits only. You need to know when it is necessary for dogs to wear clothes and when it is not. You need to know how to pick the best cloth from a vetinarian point of view.

Is it really necessary?

Even with the best of intentions, dog owners can make wrong decision here. They choose to dress their dog in the premise of cold. Dogs don’t operate the same way like us. They have evolved a lot better for cold than us. Dressing a Siberian husky for cold is nonsensical. It brings more trouble than worth. It cuts off the dog from adequate air circulation. It causes overheating in its body temperature.

Some first time dog owners dress their pets only for aesthetic reasons. Your pet is not your interior design property. It negatively affects the animal. It can disturb stress, anxiety and comfort levels in dogs. Nevertheless, there are situations where dog clothing can be beneficial. If you live in a colder region and notice too much shivering in your dog, it’s time to consider clothing. You need to do it for dogs who engage in outdoor activity, especially the dogs that sleep outside in kennels.

Clothing keeps them warm at night, allowing for comfortable sleep. If you want to dress your dog, you must consider whether it’s necessary and whether your furry pal will benefit from it. You can use clothing without much concern, if the dog has little to no coat. For instance, nothing much can go wrong, if you dress up a Chinese Crested or Mexican hairless dog in the U.S. Moreover, make sure the natural movements are not curbed cause of clothing.

When is it needed?

During winters, you may feel the need to dress your dog. Puppies, elderly dogs, dogs with little to no hair and dogs with health problems benefits from it. It’s no secret why you see Chihuahuas being dressed mostly. Rain coats are often used to protect dogs from rains. You also need to dress your dog when you leaving them to sleep outdoors in their kennel. The cold can actually affect some dog breeds, which are not built for it. Considering we are dealing mostly with imported breeds, dog clothing can be essential.

There are some special occasions for dressing your dogs. People dress up their dogs for Halloweens. Dogs participate with owners in costume parties these days. There is some practical application for cloth too. You can make use of life jackets when you are taking your dog to fishing trips. You can have your dog carry lifesaver kits in snowy areas, using special clothing. There’s a cute fictional story, involving Saint Bernard dogs carrying barrels of brandy.