No Sew Dog Clothing Ideas

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DIY dog clothing may seem a lot of fun. It appeals to most dog owners. When you want to create your own designs, it requires some equipment. Sewing machine and sewing tools are the first thing that comes to mind. But it turns off a lot of people. They are terrifying and loud for the amateurs. They are sharp and they shake. Do you know there’s a lot you can do without sewing involved at all? Here we present a few no sew dog clothing items. All you need is some fabric and a glue gun.

Bow tie

You need a piece of leather or some alternate fabric. It should come in size of about 2.5” to 4.5”. Chip in another strip that’s just 1” thick. You are going to need some elastic and scissors. Take measurement of your dog’s neck. Cut appropriate length of elastic rope. Now take your leather piece and fold it laterally. Fold both the folds backwards again. It will look the shape of a bow tie. Now take the smaller strip and put it around it at the center. Before you close it completely, inert the elastic rope. Glue the smaller strip closed with glue gun. Now glue both the ends of elastic together. Voila! You got a bow tie for your dog.

Round collar scarf

You can actually make a no sew sweater out of your sweatpants. Measure the back length of your dog. You must measure it from the neck to beginning of the tail. Cut the same length from the bottom of your sweatpants leg section. Put on this piece of cloth through dog’s neck. You have a circle scarf. It gives a real good fashionista look. These are for the smaller breeds of dogs. Hot dog (aka dachshunds) dogs and Chihuahuas look chic and stylish in it.

Turn it into sweater

You can transform the circle scarf into a full sweater. Pull down the scarf and mark the location of front legs on it. Remove the scarf from your dog and highlight the top of the legs on it. Fold your scarf laterally and cut a circular hold in marked areas. Put the scarf through the neck again. Pull it down gently and get your dog’s legs inside the holes. You can create this no sew sweater in less than 5 minutes. It’s easy to make and it’s super easy to wear. You can use the dog collar over this sweater or even circle scarf.

Buy amazing dog clothing products online…

When the no sew options feel limited, you just need more. DIY may look a great idea. But it’s just a lot of work. As amateurs we seldom get the measurements right or build a dog friendly design. You can shop from a range of dog clothing options online. They are available on Etsy and a few more stores online. A lot of good ones serve domestically. Check out some of the best stores in your area. Learn a thing or two about different types of dog clothing and what’s in trend.